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B E AUTY Make it the Beauty expert Bella Schneider offers tips for making the most of 2017. fter enjoying a beautiful holiday season with friends and family, you’re feeling recharged and ready to take 2017 by the reins, right? I didn’t think so. If you’re anything like me, then you’re more likely to feel a little ex-hausted from all the end-of-year festivities and ready for a personal holiday of your own. As women, we’re used to working tirelessly in front of and behind the scenes during the holiday season, making sure loved ones are happy and everything is tied up perfectly with a satin ribbon. We’re also used to neglecting the one thing closest to us . . . ourselves. I say make your-self your No. 1 priority this year. Stop listening to that voice in your head that’s always shouting, “You don’t have time!” I know it’s easy to say, and not so easy to do. Here are some tips that will help make this a more relaxing and satisfying year for you: YEAR OF YOU A Schedule Ahead There’s nothing quite like that rejuvenating feeling right after you leave the spa. Whether you had your hair cut, colored, and styled, or you received a therapeutic mas-sage, or you had your nails and toes tended to, that feeling that you look and feel good is priceless. Sure, you’re not splitting the atom, but these little “time-outs” are essential for keeping you moving forward. It’s when you don’t make the time to keep your-self feeling fresh and pampered that stress starts to creep in. So make sure to schedule out your services ahead of time. Before you say goodbye to your hair stylist, pull out your iCalendar and schedule your next appointment. Do the same with your manicurist, estheti-cian, and masseuse. If you have an upcoming work event that you know you are going to be stressing about, Page 98 // GENTRY HEALTH // WINTER 2017

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