2011 Customer Buying Guide Pressure Washer and Accessories : Page 4

SPRAY TIPS/ NOZZLES GOOD CONVENIENT STORAGE DETACHABLE HOSE WRAP Provides a hassle-free way to store your hose. CRAFTSMAN EXCLUSIVE PRO-STYLE QUICK-CONNECT SPRAY TIPS Preset spray patterns for quick, efficient cleaning. 0˚ 15˚ 25˚ 40˚ Soap BEST 5-IN-1 SELECTOR NOZZLE Cleaning is easier with five spray patterns in one convenient nozzle. Choose the spray pattern to tackle your project with a simple push, turn and click! 1 1 PUSH button to release and make selection CRAFTSMAN EXCLUSIVE FOLD-DOWN HANDLE AND ACCESSORY STORAGE Storing your pressure washer has never been so easy. Convenient and compact, it makes storing and transporting easy. Also comes with secure accessory storage for the spray gun, wand, hose and spray nozzles. 2 TURN to the spray pattern you need 3 CLICK back into place and go! Maximum-Removes flaking, rust, oil stains and other stubborn stains. General-For all-purpose cleaning including vinyl siding, brick patios, driveways and other surfaces. Delicate-For gentle cleaning of cars/trucks, boats, patio furniture and lawn equipment. Soap -Apply soap to a variety of surfaces to get the most out of your cleaning experience. Flush-For longer reach cleaning and quick high-flow cleanup.

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