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CLEANING PERFORMANCE how much do you need? HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINES The engine is a key feature of the pressure washer. It powers the water pump and entire system. The more powerful the engine, the more PSI and GPM are produced, giving you more cleaning power. Briggs & Stratton engines are easy starting, reliable and long lasting. The commercial-grade Professional Series™ engine was designed to deliver enhanced power, smoother starting, quieter operation and overall durability. CLEANING TERMS POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH (PSI) The force a pressure washer produces to propel a water stream at the surface to be cleaned. GALLONS PER MINUTE (GPM) The amount of water a pressure washer uses to clean surfaces. OVERALL CLEANING PERFORMANCE The determining factor is the combination of PSI and GPM! GOOD = RECOMMENDED BEST = USES LIGHT-DUTY MEDIUM-DUTY HEAVY-DUTY Vehicles Stairs Walkways Patio Furniture Fencing Decks /Patios Garage Floor Driveways Siding Tough Oil Stains Second Story Paint Prep HOW ARE ENGINES RATED? Briggs & Stratton engines are rated in Torque and CC (cubic centimeters). Honda engines are rated by CC. Torque is the power to turn the pump that provides the water pressure. CC is the displacement of the engine and its relative size. The more torque and CC’s you have the better the performance. Honda engines are rugged, economical and designed to deliver reliable power. QUIET SENSE ™ AUTOMATIC THROTTLE CONTROL Up to 40% quieter than standard pressure washers when the spray gun trigger is released. How it works: SEE IT IN ACTION ON YOUR PHONE IN 3 EASY STEPS: 1. Go to getscanlife.com 2. Download ScanLife for FREE 3. Launch & scan code (see code to right) Applicable text or data rates may apply. 1. When the spray gun trigger is pulled, the engine speed increases to full throttle providing maximum cleaning performance. 2. When the spray gun trigger is released, the engine returns to low speed dramatically reducing noise levels. Quiet Sense ™ is a new feature on pressure washers powered by select Briggs & Stratton engines.

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