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Handicap and receive strokes based on the scorecard allocation for their gender. A typical points chart may look like the one to the right. The winner is the player who has earned the most points at the comple-tion of the round. The good news is that in this format, if you have a bad hole, you can just pick up and concentrate on the next hole — but don’t forget to post your most likely score if you do pick up! Scramble Competitions: This is one of the most popular formats, especially for charity events. In this format, each player hits his or her drive from the teeing ground, and the best tee shot is selected. From that position, each player then hits his or her second shot, and again the best shot is selected. This process is repeated until the hole is completed. If a team has four com-petitors, it is recommended to break the field and/ or teams into “A,” “B,” “C” and “D” players. “A” players get 20 percent of their Course Handicap, “B” players get 15 percent, “C” players get 10 percent, and “D” players get 5 percent. Once those numbers have been determined, they are totaled to arrive at the team handicap. Typical course restrictions include: each player’s drive must be used a minimum of three times; players cannot hit two shots in a row, except on the putting green; and players are expected to play from a certain set of tees, based on their rank-ing (“A,” “B,” “C” or “D”). It’s important to note that when there are players competing from different tees, an additional adjust-ment must be made to the Course Handicap of the player who is playing from the higher-rated set of tees. This holds true whether only men competing from different tees, men and women are competing from different tees, or men and women are compet-ing from the same tees. The additional strokes are determined by taking the difference in the Course Rating of the sets of tees being played. The difference in the two will then be added to the Course Handi-cap of the player who is competing from the higher-rated set of tees. Also, for the ladies out there, be sure your handicap strokes are allocated on the scorecard based on the women’s stroke allocation. Don’t let the committee place the strokes on the wrong holes! Have a burning handicap question? Visit the Handicap section on, or email SCGA.ORG JANUAR Y/FEBRUAR Y 2011 | FORE Magazine | 53

Peninsula De Cortes Golf Course

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