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If you are a guest at the course, touch GUEST SCORE POSTING. If you are a member at the course, touch center of the screen. Affiliate club members will always touch Guest score Posting, regardless of the course that was played. IMAGE 1 IMAGE 4 Enter your SCGA/GHIN number and touch NEXT. Remember: for most SCGA members, your new GHIN number is your old six-digit number with a “9” in front. For those with a pre-existing GHIN number, that is your new SCGA membership number. using the buttons along the side, change any item that needs to be modi- fied, such as DATE or TYPE, and touch POST. } IMAGE 5 IMAGE 2 First select number of holes for the score to be posted: 18 HOLES or 9 HOLES. Then select the set of tees you played (or select OTHER for away scores) and touch NEXT. IMAGE 6 A confirma- tion screen will appear, touch EXIT or another option. For affiliate members, the screen will read that your score will be routed to your handi- cap file. IMAGE 3 SCGA.ORG JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010 | FORE Magazine | 47 Enter the adjusted score and touch NEXT.

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