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Table of Contents Section 25 Safety Relays XPS safety relays for controlling individual safety functions of the system. 25-4 MACHINE SAFETY PRODUCTS Machine Safety Products Safety Controller XPS Safety Relay (p. 25-4) XPSMC safety controllers for use where multiple safety relays and multiple safety functions are required, or where there is a greater interaction between the various safety functions required on the machine. 25-4 Safety PLC XPSMC Safety Controller (p. 25-4) XPSMF Safety PLC for use in safety systems where multiple functions are required, or where the interaction between the various components of the safety system is more complicated. 25-5 AS-Interface Safety at Work XPSMF Safety PLC (p. 25-5) AS-Interface for use where multiple safety functions and their interaction need to be monitored. All safety information is transmitted using a safety communication bus. 25-5 Light Curtains XUSL light curtains for use in point of operation guarding and perimeter guarding. Available in 14 mm (finger) or 30 mm (hand) minimum object sensitivity (MOS) as well as perimeter or body detection, all with a wide range of protected heights. 25-6 AS-Interface Safety at Work (p. 25-5) Safety Interlock Switches XCS safety interlock switches for mechanical interlocking of gates and guards. Locking and non-locking versions are available. 25-7 Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switches XCSDM non-contact safety interlock switches for interlocking of gates and guards, where no contact is desired between switch and actuator. 25-7 XUSL Light Curtain (p. 25-6) Safety Limit Switches XCS safety limit switches for a wide variety of safety related functions, including end of travel notification, over-travel indication, safety related positioning of machinery/tooling or component parts, as well as gates and guards. 25-8 XCSDM Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switches (p. 25-7) Cable Pull Switches XY2 cable pull switches for Emergency Stop control around conveyors, assembly lines, and large machines. 25-8 Palm Operators 9001 Type P palm operators for applications such as power operated See catalog presses, and two hand control applications. MKTED208051EN-US XY2 Cable Pull Switches (p. 25-8) © 2012 Schneider Electric All Rights Reserved 25-1 25

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