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H2O FILTER WAREHOUSE Filter Housings YTB 10- and 20-in. BB-size filter housings, available with .-, 1- and 1.5-in. port sizes, are in stock in large quantities at H2O Filter Warehouse. Mounting brackets, screws and wrenches for these housings also are available. The company also stocks housings from Kemflo, Watts and Pentek. Write in 1236 Filter Cartridges H2O Filter Warehouse stocks a large inventory of gradient density melt-blown polypropylene sediment cartridges. The NSF-certified cartridges feature three gradient layers of density for maximum dirtholding capacity. Cartridges are available in seven standard sizes, and micron ratings of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50. Write in 1237 H2O Filter Warehouse • Marietta, GA • 800.955.0556 • www.h2ofilterwarehouse.com SAFEWAY WATER LLC Contaminant Removal Systems Single-tank and two-tank Iron Zapper systems are designed to reduce iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese in residential water treatment applications. The systems and filter media use the oxygen content in water to oxidize iron, which is captured by the media and removed during the backwash cycle. Other benefits include higher flow rates per cubic foot and long media life. Write in 1240 Brochure A four-page consumer brochure features Safeway Water LLC’s water quality improvement products, including Triple Treat Systems, Safeway Water softeners and IronZapper systems for iron and hydrogen sulfide reduction. Write in 1241 Safeway Water LLC • Ocala, FL • 855.999.7233 • www.safewaywater.com INDUSTRIAL TEST SYSTEMS INC. Photometer The portable and waterproof eXact Eco-Check photometer uses a dual wavelength inside a builtin cell with narrow band filters and long-life LEDs for accurate results with 0.01 precision. It is ideal for environmental water quality testing and aquaculture monitoring. The meter tests for 10 parameters and utilizes the EZ-3 method, with results in three simple steps. It is U.S. EPA compliant for testing for numerous water quality parameters. Write in 1238 Photometer The eXact Micro 20 dual-wavelength photometer uses narrow- band wavelength filters for enhanced, accurate results. It features stable LED light sources and a built-in cell that uses a simple patented system for colorimetric analysis. All tests are designed to use an identical 20-second procedure to increase ease of use. Write in 1239 Industrial Test Systems Inc. • Rock Hill, SC • 800.861.9712 • www.sensafe.com VIQUA, A TROJAN TECHNOLOGIES CO. UV Disinfection System The Sterilight Silver is a compact, powerful and reliable system for UV disinfection. Easily serviced and maintained, the system is equipped with a visual display of remaining lamp life, an audible alarm and an ICE controller that provides constant output current. Write in 1242 UV Disinfection System The high-capacity TrojanUVMax Pro50 offers the advantages of the Pro series: intuitive interface, plug-and-play connections and sensor confirmation button. It also has an option of third-party proven performance under the U.S. EPA UVDGM 2006 validation protocol. It is compact and robust, ideal for light commercial as well as regulated and nonregulated drinking water applications. Write in 1243 VIQUA, a Trojan Technologies Co. • Guelph, ON, Canada 800.265.7246 • www.viqua.com AXEON WATER TECHNOLOGIES RO Systems R2 and M2 Series RO systems are engineered and manufactured for commercial and light industrial applications and for feed waters up to 10,000 TDS. These high-efficiency systems use low-energy membrane elements that deliver high-quality water at low operating pressures. This makes them the first lowenergy brackish water systems in the marketplace. Write in 1245 Commercial Membranes HF5 Series membranes are the industry’s only ultra-low-energy commercial membranes featuring a low nominal operating pressure of 80 psi. The membranes offer production rates up to 2,500 gpd with a 98.5% salt rejection for improved system performance. They are ideal for tap and brackish water applications and offer higher efficiency levels, reducing energy costs by up to 23%. Write in 1244 Axeon Water Technologies • Temecula, CA • 760.723.5417 • www.axeonwater.com CANATURE NORTH AMERICA INC. RO System The 475 Pro Series RO drinking water system features quick-connect disposable cartridges and membranes for an economical price. The four-stage, 75-gpd systems include auto water shutoff, labeled 3/8-in. tubing, quickconnect fittings, inlet and drain saddle valves, faucet and 3-gal NSF-certified storage tank. A booster pump model is also available. Write in 1248 Iron Filter The BAF chemical-free iron filter is low maintenance and regenerates less frequently than traditional iron filters, using up to 50% less water. Natural oxidation removes iron without chemicals, air pumps or venturis. The system features an NSF-certified control valve and pressure tanks. Flexible stainless steel connectors are also available. Write in 1249 Canature North America Inc.• Golden Valley, MN 877.771.6789 • www.iwtwater.com WATERSOFT INC. Control Valve The Isobar II control valve is designed to supply flow rates with two-button electronic programming. Fully adjustable cycles limit water usage, and an activating access board makes it compatible with additional treatment options. A 9-V battery keeps the time of day and meter active in a power failure, and a weather-and insect-resistant slide cover make access easy. Write in 1246 Filtration System The Centurion filtration system’s forward and reverse motor capability allows it to replenish its oxy chamber without having to backwash. The system’s fully adjustable cycles, along with Vortech tank technology, ensure the entire bed of Smart-Blend media is backwashed to the fullest, leaving no collected iron or sulfur contaminants behind. Write in 1247 WaterSoft Inc. • Ashland, OH • 419.289.1500 • www.watersoftinc.com CSI WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS Valves Nitro Pro filter systems feature the proprietary Signature 2 control valve with patent-pending TWEDO (Twin Electric Drive Operation) function, allowing pump-less injection of chlorine or peroxide during backwash with the optional ready-to-use Oxyclean NP. This singletank aeration system can be used with any type of well pumping system. Precise external air injection directly into the media tank prevents control valve fouling and increases ease of service. Write in 1250 CSI Water Treatment Systems • Ashland, OH • 419.281.6829 • www.csih2o.com

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