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] [ Geocells Manage Runoff During Road Construction CASE STUDIES HIGHW A Y CONSTRUCTION T Headline Here hompson Station is a small town 25 miles south of Nashville, Tenn. Surrounded by fl at terrain, grassland and few trees, the community recently was the site of ongoing construction for Tennessee State Highway 840, a long-term project to build a southern bypass loop of the metropolitan Nashville area. Once construction for the project began, state regulatory agencies cited the site for increased sediment fl ow into a nearby blue line stream. Construction crews installed traditional silt fencing and straw wattles at the point of discharge prior to the stream, but the high fl ow and sediment Deck Here concentration of the site proved too extreme for the erosion measures used, resulting in continued pressure from the regulatory agency. Byline Here Civil and Environmental Consultants tackled the ongoing sediment runoff by installing Typar geocells, which are composed of durable non-woven fabric in a honeycomb confi guration. Th e cells, a self-supporting structure, use locally sourced 4-to 6-in. aggregate to provide additional support and fi ltration of extreme runoff . Th e Typar geocells eff ectively managed runoff for a two-year period, until the construction phase was completed, and local vegetation provided the stability needed for natural erosion control. During the two-year period, which included a 1,000-year rain event, minimal maintenance was required, with only 10% of the product experiencing any damage during catastrophic fl ood conditions. Th e geocell system proved to be a robust solution, able to eff ectively handle the higher fl ows and reduce turbidity to levels acceptable to state regulatory inspectors. FiberWeb 615.847.7000 • Write in 816 If it hurts, you’re probably doing it wrong. St wrestling Stop tli with ith b backbreaking kb ki concrete t grade rings. At one-tenth the weight of concrete, PRO-RING™ EPP manhole grade adjustment rings save time, effort, backs, fingers, toes — and especially workers’ comp claims. And they take everything concrete can take. Visit to learn more about PRO-RING™ manhole adjustment rings and the many other products that Cretex offers to improve your bottom line. Whether you are a contractor or a municipal district, Cretex will help you make your manholes better, your workplace safer, and your budget go further. For ASTM, ASHTO and other performance test reports, visit: SPECIALTY MANHOLE SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY NEED s#HIMNEY3EALSs3EAL'REENs02/&#0d;2).'©s'ROUT0RODUCTS Cretex Specialty Products Write in 773 34 • ST ORM W A TER SOLUTIONS • M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 2 (800) 345-3764 %&#0d;MAILYOURINQUIRIESTOINFO CRETEXSEALS&#0e;COMsWWW&#0e;CRETEXSEALS&#0e;COM

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